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Crafting messages that last a lifetime and beyond

Writing, Editing, and Layout Services

Article Editing and Writing

Whether in print or on the web, your articles will be well-researched, skillfully written, SEO optimized, and professionally presented.

Book Editing and Writing

If you're not sure how to organize, write, or edit your message in a professional, clear, and compelling prose, I can help.

Book Layout and Design

Your self-published book should not look self-published. A professional interior design of your message on the inside and on the back cover will grab attention and respect from readers.


When I asked the Lord to show me the truth of who He is, He answered in a big way. Click here to find out more about why I became a writer and editor of Christian-themed books and articles. 

Use the Contact Form at the bottom of the page to start the process of how I can help you craft and present messages that matter.

Edie Glaser

Author Testimonials

Edie has provided helpful editing, formatting, and layout, finding over 50
illustrations, procuring the cover design, and giving me valuable feedback in helping me clarify my writing. She was patient with my many revisions, changes, and additions to the text.

William Bjoraker bio pic

William Bjoraker

Author, Engaging the Jewish World

Edie has an amazing gift of taking my words and making them sound so very good. Her interior design of the story, devotional, and poetry parts of the content is very professional and pleasing to read.

Patricia Jackson bio pic

Patricia Kay Jackson

Author, Finding Success 

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate Edie's help. I was so disorganized. She beautifully rearranged and beautifully worded things. 

Vanessa Prize

Vanessa Prize

Author, My Doggies

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