Editing the Word
for the building
of a spiritual house
that lasts for eternity
Meet the Team

Specialties: Christian Living, Guidebooks, Sermon Series Compilation, Expository Works, Apologetics

Since early school days, Edie has enjoyed writing more than any other subject. Thinking she would make a career out of writing secular books, God redirected her plans by revealing Himself to her just three months before receiving a writing degree. She got the hint and now uses God's gifts and skills to bring His message of hope, love, and truth to the world through clear, persuasive, honest writing.

She works with writers at all stages of development, especially new authors who need encouragement and direction to get their first book published.

Edie also typesets book interiors for nonfiction, fiction, poetry, curriculum, manuals, and more. 

For sheer enjoyment as well as diligent study, Edie attends ongoing Bible classes, such as her current Hebrew studies. She reads a variety of faith-building, theology-straightening, Holy Spirit-inspiring books, the primary one being the Bible. Edie has visited Israel twice and has a heart for helping the Chosen People of God discover the revelation of who their Messiah is and always has been.