Editing the Word
for the building
of a spiritual house
that lasts for eternity

Christian Book Formatting
and Cover Design Services

You worked so hard to convey your message persuasively and purposefully. It's been professionally edited. Now it's time to present it professionally and powerfully with a custom book cover and interior layout.

In laying out the interior of a book, it's important to design a style that's consistent with the cover. You can see some of these consistencies in the portfolio below. Take special note of the chapter headings, section separators, fonts, and vignettes.

Whether your message is for women, men, young or old, people really do judge a book by its cover. Therefore, it's important to invest a part of your book publishing budget in hiring professionals who understand book cover design and interior layout standards. Read some of the must-know tips on How to Choose a Christian Book Cover Designer.

Book formatting and custom cover examples