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How Do I Publish a Christian Book?
Once your manuscript is written, edited, and proofread, there are many avenues that will get your book into the hands of readers:

  • Vanity/Subsidy publishers charge several hundred dollars, which generally pays for everything you need to publish a book, including interior layout, cover design, and editing. Once the book is published, they will pay you 10-50% of the net profit of each book sale, sometimes more.

  • Traditional royalty publishers don't charge you to publish your book. They will layout the interior of the book, create a unique cover, edit the text, and handle all business matters at their own expense. In return, they generally offer an 8-12% royalty on the net profit of all sales. Some of these publishers only work with agents, but they all want to see a query or a proposal before deciding whether or not to publish your manuscript. Each publisher has different guidelines, so make sure to visit their website.

  • Self-Publishing requires you (or me) to do all the work that the vanity or traditional publishers do. That also means that you make all of the decisions, pay all the costs, and make all the profit.

Here are the fees you can expect:

Book Proposal Writing ($35 / hour)
If you choose to seek a royalty publisher, I'll write a book proposal that will grab the attention of a literary agent and publisher and get your foot in the door toward a publishing contract.

Self-Publish Packaging ($35 / hour plus designer fees)
If you choose to self-publish your book in paperback or digital formats, I will take the manuscript from its raw form, perform the interior layout in Adobe InDesign (please don't publish a book formatted in Microsoft Word), hire a professional book cover designer, and submit the final files to a reputable print-on-demand company. Your books will be available on Amazon and other online bookstores, on phones and iPads.

Book Coaching ($35 / hour)
If you are overwhelmed at the options and would like to get some specific questions answered, I will be glad to speak to you on the phone or answer your questions by email so that you have a more secure understanding of what your final goal is and what your next steps need to be.

Before calling or emailing, please take the time to answer in your own mind or on paper the following questions:

  • What is the purpose of your book? Why are you writing it?
  • Describe the typical reader. For example, is it written to mature Christians, new believers, or non-believers?
  • Will you be selling the book primarily at talks and on your website or will you rely on the distribution avenues of the publisher?
  • Is the topic of this book your new ministry and vocation or is it a one-time message that you want to reveal to the world through a book but can't spend a lot of time marketing it because you have other passions that you are pursuing?
  • What questions do you have?

Your answers will help me to determine which path is best for you.

Free Consultation

If you are ready to submit your manuscript for a quote, contact a Christian book coach.