Editing the Word
for the building
of a spiritual house
that lasts for eternity
A Christian Editor's Prayer
by Edie Glaser

Most Gracious Heavenly Father,

You are the editor of my heart and soul and mind.

Please trim away my empty words and thoughts,
and impart the authority, purity, and wisdom of your Spirit.

Guide my pen and my days
so that I may rightly edit the words that will accomplish your plan,
the plan that you have laid before time began.

Organize my thoughts and my desk
so that I may edit with a clear and fluid mind.

When I become passive and fail to use your resources for your work,
encourage me to be a good workman,
so that I may lay each appointed stone in your spiritual house
joyfully, competently, and actively for your glory.

And when I fail to apply your manual of style,
discipline me in lovingkindness
until I return to your ways.

In all that I do, please