Editing the Word
for the building
of a spiritual house
that lasts for eternity
What Does a Fiction Christian Editor Do?

Manuscript Evaluation


Fiction editors understand and apply standard rules of literary style and technique while crafting a story.

An inspired Christian fiction editor understands and integrates the principles of God's written Word within
the essential elements of any story, such as thematic conflict, and plot.  

Our first goal at Crafting Stones is to present your novel or short story as a literary work that glorifies God. Our second goal is to craft your story into a manuscript that is respected in the literary community. Therefore, if punctuation is perfect but the narrator breaks literary rules (hops heads, dumps info, tells us all about it) and the plot bores the reader when tension should be rising, your story will not be respected and will even be rejected.

The level of editing your story needs will be determined, in part, by the manuscript critique that your editor will perform for you.

While we do not guarantee that your work will be published by a traditional press, our editors will honestly recommend the level of editing required to meet your goal of producing a publishable quality literary work.



1) Publisher's Submission Evaluation

2) Full Manuscript Critique

3) Scene-by-Scene Story Evaluation

Publisher's Submission Package


What you submit:
the first 50 pages, book synopsis, and query letter (total word count up to 13,000 words)

What you get:  detailed critique letter up to five pages

Purpose: This is a detailed critique of what a writer would normally submit to an agent or editor. Your critique letter will offer suggestions as to what's likely to give your submission the best chance of success, including a detailed critique of

  • opening scenes
  • writing style
  • overall fiction technique

Manuscript Critique and Evaluation

$2 / 250-word page

What you submit:
  full manuscript

What you get: detailed critique letter up to ten pages

Purpose: You've written a novel or the better part of one and you want to know if you're on the right track. This is the best place to begin your journey to publication. Your manuscript won't get comments directly on the pages, but you will receive a detailed critique letter up to ten pages with an evaluation of

  • what it will take to get literary representation as you pursue publication
  • overview of the key elements that work and don't work and why

The letter will not include a scene by scene evaluation. For a scene by scene evaluation, see below.


Scene by Scene Evaluation

up to 110,000 words: $2,100

Call for quote on longer manuscripts

Turnaround time: 30 to 90 days depending on schedule

What you submit: completed manuscript

What you receive:
critique letter that addresses all areas of fiction craft and is generally 30 to 40 pages long.

Purpose: This is my most comprehensive service and it is designed for an author who has a finished manuscript and needs to develop a revision strategy to shape the final draft into a creative whole.

This critique addresses the structure of the book going scene by scene through the entire novel, also making notes on how the following elements affect overall story structure.

  • character development
  • use of dialogue
  • exposition
  • conflict

A few of the hours will be spent in conversations by phone discussing the findings, but most of the editor's efforts will be in analyzing the text and evaluating every aspect of fiction craft.


The critique letter will discuss examples of craft from within the story itself but will also cite relevant published writers so that the author is clear what needs to be mastered.

The evaluation will consider


  • Structure of opening scene
  • The need for rising tension and how to develop it
  • Analysis of every scene and sequel and how they work together
  • Use of exposition, details and descriptions
  • Writing Style and Diction
  • Characterization
  • Story structure
  • Use of dialogue
  • Pacing 



1) Copyedit

2) Line Edit


$4 / 250-word page

What you submit: Completed and revised manuscript 

What you receive: Copyedited manuscript

Purpose: Copyediting includes proofreading and edits for clarity, format, syntax, obvious factual errors, and continuity.


Line Edit

$4.50 - $13.00

What you submit: Completed and revised manuscript 

What you receive: Line-edited manuscript

Purpose: While proofreading and copyediting are focused on making things correct and consistent, line editing is all about bringing out the best in the author's voice and making the writing shine. It's the final step toward making your manuscript read as well as possible.

Line-editing can include edits that will

  • sharpen description
  • control proportion
  • eliminate strained literary effect
  • give dialogue more snap and bite
  • bring the highest level of polish to an author's narrative voice and style

Line editing represents the highest level of the editor's craft, since any suggested additions are made in the author's voice, not the editor's.

But we also consider what can be trimmed, condensed, or flat-out cut to improve pace, avoid repetition, and make the experience of a book as engaging as possible.

While the primary objective is hands-on polishing with these goals in mind, line editing can also include notes in margin that will

  • explain changes
  • break down points of craft
  • pass along ideas to push a scene further or make an approach to something work better

So it serves as a teaching tool as well as a final step in readying a manuscript for the marketplace.

The cost varies because each manuscript requires different level of attention, but usually line editing fees fall between $4.50 and $13 per page. Please feel free to contact the editor for an exact quote.


Would you like personal coaching/mentoring or perhaps another creative soul to help you craft an original story? Our editors are also accomplished writers and will help you write a story that shines for the kingdom as a ghostwriter or as a collaborator with you.

If you are ready to submit your manuscript for a quote or if you have questions, please contact a Christian editor.