Content Crafting Pricing & Process

The message crafting process often begins with one of the evaluation services outlined below. The evaluation will help determine whether a developmental edit is needed or copyediting, which is also outlined below.

#topMy goal is to provide editing services that will make your message clearly understood and professionally presented.  I will be honest with you about the level of editing required to meet this goal. 


Mini 10-Page Critique and Sample Edit

I will provide a report/critique of the ten five pages (2500 words) of your manuscript that includes the following:

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses in language, style, and mechanics. 
  2. Provide recommendations with examples of how to improve the writing.
  3. Evaluate if the purpose statement of the message and the Introduction captures the reader's attention and prepares a solid foundation for the rest of the book.
I will also complete a sample edit of at least 500 words (two book pages).

This mini critique can provide valuable guidance on writing style and on direction of the message while the author is writing the manuscript or is in the midst of revising it. 

If the author believes the manuscript is finished, a full evaluation can help the author decide which level of editing is needed to proceed toward the goal of publishing.


Full Manuscript Evaluation and Sample Edit

A professional evaluation of your manuscript can be the most efficient way to begin the editing process. A manuscript evaluation report provides a sample edit of 2500 words and answers the following questions:

  • Are there specific problems in mechanics, grammar, or style that appear often?
  • Does the language, content, and presentation appeal to the intended audience?
  • What writing techniques could be added to improve the readability of the text?
  • Does the information in the text flow clearly and logically from one idea to the next?
  • Is additional research needed?
  • Is Scripture clearly explained and well-integrated into the text?
  • Is the purpose of the book fulfilled? If not, what else needs to be included?
  • Are there other issues that would affect its publishing quality and marketability? If so, what needs to be done before editing can begin?

Implementing the suggestions can help to reduce the cost of professional editing if the author decides to implement the above recommendations. Or, the author may decide to proceed with hiring an editor to provide one or more of the following editing levels described below.

$.05 – $.06 per word

for each manuscript revision

Developmental Editing - Book Doctor

Developmental editing is also known as structural, substantive, or content editing because it addresses the big picture issues discovered in the manuscript evaluation. It reworks the content to improve clarity of the message and ensures that the purpose of the book is fulfilled. Specifically, it involves:


  • Ensure that the purpose of the message is clearly stated and compelling.
  • Work with author to identify and incorporate any additional content that may be needed or changed to achieve the purpose of the message.

Organization and Logic

  • Move whole paragraphs to more logical locations of the chapter or book so that ideas flow fluidly and without interruption.
  • Insert transitions to ensure a smooth flow of ideas from one sentence to the next and from one paragraph to the next.
  • Create or rearrange subheadings.

The price of a developmental edit is per each manuscript edit/revision.  The total number of revisions will vary depending on the level of initial work needed. If the manuscript is in primarily note form, for example, It will require about three revisions to work with the author to synthesize the information and create a cohesive message.

Because a developmental or structural edit is a big-picture content edit, it does not include copy editing or final proofreading. 

A professional proofread by a professional proofreader will be needed after all revisions have been completed and is not included in the price, Though all efforts will be made to correct mechanical errors as editing progresses, a final professional proofreading is standard practice by publishing companies. 

$.04 – $.05 per word 
for each manuscript revision
Copy Editing & Line Editing

This is the level of editing that most people think of when they are looking for a book editor. It involves the following:

Manual of Style Consistency

Unless otherwise requested, style issues during editing will be governed governed by The Chicago Manual of Style, which is the standard style guide used by the majority of book publishers.  

Style issues related to presenting biblical passages will be discussed with the author and standardized throughout the manuscript. A helpful guide to use in this regard is the Christian Manual of Style, published by Zondervan. This guide advises writers on which religious terms to capitalize, how to abbreviate biblical books, how to cite Scripture, and other related concerns.

Audience and Language Appropriateness

I will work with the author to identify, standardize, and define terms. I will also help to ensure that the language used will resonate with readers according to their expected age, culture, profession, worldview, and level of faith. 

Standard copyediting is most suited to books that have been critiqued or substantively edited to a point where the ideas flow well from one chapter to another and from one paragraph to another.

This level of editing begins when the content of the manuscript is finalized and in proper order. It focuses on creating a clear presentation of the message at the paragraph and sentence level. It ensures that the text conforms with the Chicago Manual of Style guidelines.

Specifically, standard copyediting identifies and suggests corrections in the following areas:

Writing Smoothness 

This involves the presentation of the writing itself so that the words and ideas flow smoothly and read well. It involves correcting issues such as the following:

  • Modifying passive tense to active tense, unless the context calls for a passive construction.
  • Revising and consolidating text to remove redundant words and ideas.
  • Changing ambiguous and imprecise words that could confuse your readers
  • Modifying jargon and other terminology not easily understood
  • Removing cliches and inappropriate language.


While I correct capitalization, spelling, and punctuation as I edit, a final proofread by a professional proofreader is needed after the manuscript has been finalized and laid out to ensure the highest level of correctness.

per Hour

Fact Checking & Research

Copyediting does not involve researching or fact checking, which should be done in the developmental editing and/or writing stage. However, as I copyedit, I can also perform the following fact-checking services for an hourly rate:

  • Verifying Scripture citations are correct and that the Scripture is correctly copied.
  • Verifying other sources is correctly cited and that the information is correctly copied. 
  • Advise if any copyright laws are potentially being broken.
  • Research facts and Information that appears to be incorrect.
  • Verify the source of illustrations, graphics, and tables.

per page, includes copyediting

Writing or Ghostwriting

If you need help writing your message, don't worry! I will interview you and subject experts, research, and write your message. The price per page includes three revision of content editing as well as copyediting. It does not include final proofreading by a professional proofreader.

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